Sending your little one to childcare can be an exciting and anxious time for both parents and children. Making sure they have everything they need to settle in will market the transaction easier and put your mind and your little one’s mind at ease.

Although it’s always best to check what exactly your child will need (for example some centres include things like nappies and wipes in the price, theirs don’t!) there are few universal things every child will need when making their day-care debut.

Here are our top essentials and a few of our favourites!


A no-brainer, but worth pointing out, choosing a good quality backpack is money well spent. Be sure to get one with a few pockets so you can easily categorize various items and whilst a large backpack is good, make sure it’s not so large that your child can’t carry it themselves. Bright backpack that are easily identifiable are always a good item as is a luggage tag in case some other parent has the same good taste as you!

Drink Bottle

Encouraged your little one to drink water throughout the day with as easy to use drink bottle they can open and close themselves. We recommend one with a flip lid so it stays clean but can’t get lost.

Day-care Sheets

A lot of day-cares now ask parents to bring a linen and what type you need all depends on your centre. Standard cot sheets wont securely fit childcare centre cots as they are often smaller; and for toddlers many centres use stacking beds (like a camping bed) or a foam mat. Check out the range of day-care bedding design to perfectly fit each option and provide your little one with the best naptime sleep!

If your centre has Cots...

Childcare cots are often smaller than regular cots so a standard size cot sheet will not fit. We recommend purchasing a correctly sized fitted sheet made from 100% cotton for easy washing!


If your centre has Stacking Beds...

Stacking beds are smaller than a standard cot sheet so a correctly fitting sheet with elastic loops will make sure the sheet stays secure. A blanket/top sheet and small pillow is also great to make sure your little one is comfortable at naptime.

If your centre has Floor Mats...

Floor mats can be tricky to find linen for, as some are quite thin and can bunch if fitted sheet is too tight; we recommend a small sleeping bag or nap mat that is machine washable to give your little one a little extra padding!



Sleeping in different environments can be a big adjustment for children, so having a familiar toy can be comforting and help them settle quicker.

Smaller security blankets preferably made from 100% cotton make great sleeping companions and are small enough to fit into the fullest of backpacks.


This is especially important in Australia where the sun and UV rays is so powerful! We recommend selecting a wide brim bucket style hat that will shield their face from the sun, and last but not least remember to name them!

Spare Clothes

In order for your little one to take full advantage of their day-care experience, they are going to get messy! Invest in some ‘childcare clothes” that are reasonable quality and are easy to wash and tumble dry safe. In summer it’s important to product them from the sun so it best to pack t-shirts and tops with sleeves so their little shoulders don’t get burnt!


As well as lathering up your little one before day-care, if they have sensitive skin its best to pack a tube of your favourite sunscreen, labelled with your child’s name. Let your provider know what you have included this in your child’s bag.

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